Millicent Arebun

Name: Millicent Arebun
Country: Nigeria
Date of birth: 13 June
Colour preference: Orange, green, blue, yellow and monochrome
Follow my Nation: Millarefashion

‘Hi, I’m Millare! I describe my style as a mixture of rock chic and bohemian gypsy. I’m that girl who heads first for the plunge back dress, heeled boots, African print shorts, micro leather skirts, or sequins blouse.’

I think fashion is: The very expression of human emotions. In all decades past, the trend, style or fashion reflected the mood, emotion, sentiments and mindset of the times. Women independence was reflected and encapsulated in the shorter helm lines of the 60s/70s. A lot of meaning can be read into today’s androgynous trend and the feminist movement. So to me fashion is the very expression of human emotions, hence fashion trends are ever dynamic, evolving and revolving. Most designers’ collection or capsules is themed after an emotion, mood or circumstance.

My ultimate style tip for the season is: Imagine the 70’s cosmopolitan girl about town and Violà! Flair pants, banded bust, tassels, fringes, long crops, pumpkin skirts, oversized puffy sleeves, androgynous suits, cut-out balzers, all in pop hues are trending this season. Blend minimalism with bright pop of colours and you won’t go wrong.

My wardrobe consists of: Lots of Lbds in basic black, white and monochrome. These dresses are my life savers for unplanned meetings, events and outing. I have a few blazers, lots of African prints pants, shorts leggings, jeggings, pantyhose, skirts, the mandatory black pants, evening gowns, weird vintage finds, piles of accesories, and lots of shoes!

I’m obsessed by: Shoes! African print pants, mini skirts, sunglasses, piles of accessories and beauty products.

My biggest learning in fashion is: Find your personal style identity and be true to it, so as not to feel like an alien in your own skin by being a slave to the latest fashion fad. Trends will change and fade but your style though ever evolving remains constant. Once you find your style niche, wear it, trend it and be bold enough.

I get my fashion inspiration from: My moods, life and vintage trends.

Woodin is: In my opinion, among the top go-to fabric for ethnocentric glam, or tribal chic.