Sayedero Enytan

Sayedero Enytan
Date of birth:
23th April
Colour preference: 
White and black.
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‘Hi, I’m Sayedero and my style is all over the place. It can be tomboyish one day and girly some other time.’

I think fashion is: A lot of fun especially because I’m a dramatic dresser I love being adventurous with my choices.

My ultimate style tip is: Stay true to your style.

My wardrobe essentials include: Jerseys, high waist denim, peplum tops and jackets.

My biggest learning in fashion is: I’ve learnt to never say never, there have been many pieces I  have said I would never be caught dead wearing but I end up obsessing about them later on.

I get my fashion inspiration from:  Magazines,Tumblr, videos and daydreaming.

My fashionrole models are: TeyanaTtaylor and Olori Swank.

Woodin is: A blend of unique African prints.