Are You Ready to Play?

Before I begin I must say I am head over heels in love with Woodin’s Fusion RTW outfits. What’s your definition of playtime? Mine means doing what I love, basically catching up with friends, looking out for what’s trending (not only in Fashion world), updating my social media pages, going to the movies after a hard week’s work and basically chilling which includes eating out. (I love food).

This outfit gives me all that and more. First off I love the color of the fabric, I feel it’s very toned down and gives me quiet a relaxed feeling although it’s time to play. Secondly, it gives me the option of jumping up and down, sitting, moving in a very fast paced motion without the fear of showing skin.
Finally, it is that outfit you need in your closet when you unintentionally want to “slay”. As you’re aware i am all in for jumpsuits or trousers kind of outfit! Therefore having this in my wardrobe only compliments the usual must-haves in Adjeley’s closet.

This two piece outfit from Woodin’s RTW fusion collection is chic and the good news is it available in all sizes from all Woodin sales outlets.

What does Playtime mean to you?

Blogged by: Naa Adjeley Konney( Fashion Blogger at Trends and Blends GH)