Back To Basics: The Fusion Button-Down Shirt!

If you are an ardent follower of my social media platforms, you would certainly realize my everyday style is more casual chic. Working full time in a creative agency gives me the privilege of wearing whatever I want. To me this means basic ready to wear outfits and that’s where Woodin’s Fusion Ready to Wear collection comes to play! The FUSION ready-to-wear Collection from Woodin is created in limited edition for every individual, in the best workshops in Africa. Patterns from our heritage are redrawn in a harmonious mix of African colours.

The idea of having Ready to wear outfits takes away the hustle of having to find a designer, buy the fabric and finally have it made for you is pretty stressful and something I don’t have time for considering the schedules.

I am usually in African Print outfits from Monday to Friday and Woodin outfits isn’t an exception. I love how colorful Woodin Fusion RTW shirt is. Within some few minutes, I should have it on. Depending on your personality you can style this Fusion RTW Shirt anyhow you want.

Being the kind of person I am, I opted to style this shirt with jeans and Ankle Strap and ready to work!

The good news is, this shirt is available in all Woodin shops and in all sizes. Just walk in, choose your size, pay for it and voila you’re done.

Where would you rather wear this Shirt to?

Blogged By: Naa Adjeley Konney (Fashion Blogger at Trends and Blends GH)