How To Create the Perfect Woodin Look by Mixing and Matching Prints

Mixing and matching African prints, has always been a tough fashion nut to crack. The key, however, is to focus on what works instead of what doesn’t. In actual fact, prints are easy to combine and pretty mixable across the board. We’ve put together a few simple tips to follow to help your own Woodin style:.

1. Keep it simple. The fewer patterns and motifs in the whole ensemble, the better. Remember, less is always more.

2. Match colors, not prints. If the colors look good together, more often than not the prints will look good together too. That said, you’ll never go wrong with black and white — they go with everything and anything including accessories.

3. Break up the look with solids. If print-on-print-on-print is just too much for you, that’s fine! Just add in some solid-colored clothes and accessories to calm things down and keep your look together.

4. Have fun and experiment. The whole idea of wearing prints like Woodin is to allow yourself to get creative with your style and get confident in your style. Woodin prints can be made quite versatile so it’s real up to you to make that statement with your prints.
Have fun!