Denim-spiration: Ways to rock this timeless trend

The great thing about denim is it never goes out of fashion. But to get the most out of it, you have to know how to rock it. Here are three options to give you a taste of the possibilities:

1. Denim Trouser

The denim trouser is easy to wear. If you choose shades of black or blue, they can be worn with everything from the Woodin tee-shirts to print wrap tops. For those who know how to keep them stain-free, white denim is a great choice, because it pairs easily with prints. Bolder colors like red, burgundy and purple must not be missed! They enhance African skin tones and when paired with Woodin prints, can really make them pop.

2. Denim Shirt

There was a time when the denim shirt was as fashionable as fish in Shama! Kids wore it to dance the buggle and cocaine jeans were the entire rave. But lovers of denim shirts need not worry. They can still mix denim with Woodin fabrics to get a new flavour that is young, hip, and African. When used as accents for shirts, they give it that intriguing cosmopolitan look which the fashionistas in Dakar call je-ne-sais-quoi.

3. Denim Accessories

An outfit is not complete without the perfect accessories. And when you’re going for a casual look, what could be more a more perfect complement than denim accessories? Woodin clutches, purses and tote-bags with denim accents make a great addition to your stash of denim fashion items.

How’s that for a little denim-spiration? Give them a spin. We’d love to know what new ways of wearing denim you discover. Send us pictures of how you’ve rock your denin to our Facebook page