How to Develop Your Personal Woodin Style

Your personal Woodin style is like your signature. To get it right, you have to develop and perfect it till it’s unique, stylish, and your very own. It’s an exciting journey! We’re here to make it easier.

Know Your Woodin Fabrics

To start, carefully select what Woodin provides and wear them in ways which suit your unique needs, peculiar tastes, and whatever you’re inspired to create. Have you noticed how some people always look amazing, and constantly get backward glances, compliments, appreciative looks, and uhm… the occasional side-eye? The difference between them and you is, well, personal style. They have one. You don’t. The good news is that you can develop your very own Woodin style!

Ready to begin?

Check out our Woodin products: fabrics, ready-to-wear – what is popularly known as “already-made”- and accessories. Now, pay attention. You get to take these three options and twist them in whatever ways you like until what you get reflects a fresh and compelling style of your own.

One of the great things about Woodin is that it is made with us in mind. Since we wash our shadders by hand and dry them beneath the blistering African sun, the products are made to last and last. They also complement our skin which the sun has baked into every gorgeous shade of brown.

To really add oomph to your personal Woodin style, you need to know Woodin better. Starting with fabrics is great. There are 4 types: metallics, non-metalics, plain dyed and just de Woodin / relax de Woodin. Next, understand what each fabric type does best, then figure out which you prefer. What you like will depend on your favourite colours, whether you want a chic yet conservative look or you’re going for something bold and edgy. Think also about where you will wear it to, since church demands something quite different from say, a club. Once you know all this, you can start making good fabric choices. And get the compliments pouring in.

We know you’re ready to craft your Woodin personal style. We can help. So stay a while as we share the wonderful world of Woodin with you.