How every man can add print to everyday style.

There are many ways to incorporate prints into your style every day, but you already know the basic ones, so how about 5 unique ways you may not have considered yet?

1. The Caftan

The easiest way for a man to incorporate prints into his style is wear a print shirt. To give the old style a twist, do a caftan in place of a regular shirt. Long, sleek, and with side pockets, you can roll up the sleeves of the caftan to make an otherwise serious outfit a little more fun. For extra sizzle, do touches of rich embroidery at the neck, or give it a collar which can be popped to raise your cool-factor.

2. Bowties!

Bowties are back, this time in colourful African prints. This is an easy way to add color to a crisp long-sleeved shirt. They are best worn on a solid shirt. For best effect, try whites, blacks, greys, pinks and creams but they can also be worn on plaids and denims.

3. Tees and Polos!

Stitch any print design of your choice onto your basic tee or polo shirt to give it fresh appreal. For design inspiration, try adinkra symbols or even Chinese characters!

4. Pocket Squares

This one’s for the gentlemen. Just because you’re wearing a suit jacket doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rock a print. A pocket square helps to accessorize white, black or navy suit. For an instant pop of color, try a pocket square. You can fold it in many different ways.

5. Mixed Print Shorts

The mixed print short when paired with a basic-tee in a neutral color makes a great outfit for your weekend errands. Choose the prints for the shorts well so that the colors in the mixed prints work harmoniously and do not clash. Get pockets as well as belt-holes. You can even add side pockets if you wish, and turn it into something of a cargo pant.

See here for inspiration.

There! Let us know how they work for you. Send your pictures to