I’ve always liked Woodin. Okay not since childbirth but for the most part of my adult life. Why? The convenience! Just walk into a store, pick a shirt and there! Good to go.

In July Woodin launched FUSION. This launch was different. They didn’t just launch new fabric, it was a READY-TO-WEAR unisex collection in Woodin prints. There are more than 30 different designs in there and so I got started with a number of the shirts. I generally prefer dull colours but the colour and pattern combinations in this shirt swiftly grabbed my attention.

Now I’m not one for short sleeved shirts but this one changed my mind. I particularly like the buttons on my left shoulder, making it at once simple and yet different.

Now this shirt, I picked out for what you might call ‘shegey’ reasons. Yes it’s short sleeved and yes it’s not in a dull colour. But it looks good doesn’t it. See, that’s the thing about the FUSION collection, even when you depart from your comfort zones you still look good.

Talk of departing. Look at me in a bomber jacket. Yhuuup! Miracles still do happen.

You see, the thing I like about the shirts in the FUSION collection is that they can fit in both formal and casual situations. Doesn’t matter whether I’m out on the field shooting a documentary or in an office discussing a concept.

Anyway I’ll be heading back to the Woodin stores for more. Oh you can also. Cheers!

Blogged by: OB Abenser (Blogger and Fashion Entrepreneur)