How to Tie An Iro/Wrap Skirt Using Woodin Scarf

Woodin has in store amazing accessories that can help jazz up your everyday look. The Woodin Ladies Scarf and Stole is one of our new additions available in-store. The scarves are made from cotton and the stoles are made from pure silk. The Woodin scarf is quite versatile and for the maiden edition of #DIYWednesday we will show you how to transform your scarf into an Iro or “Wrapper” skirt.

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  1. Stretch out your Woodin scarf.
  2. Throw the scarf around your waist. Make sure both sides are of equal length.
  3. Throw one side over the other.
  4. Twist both lengths together and hold firmly in place.
  5. Bring both ends to your back.
  6. Tie into one firm knot.
  7. Tie another knot to secure firmly in place.

You can rock your Iro with a tank top for a casual look or go glam with a matching Buba or silk/chiffon top and pumps or heels.

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