How To Transform the Woodin Scarf into a Sleeveless Dress


1. Fold your Woodin scarf diagonally, holding both ends apart.

2. Wrap the scarf across your body, from front to back.

3. Bring both ends across each other, making sure one end overlaps the other.

4. Twists both ends.

5. Bring to the front of your body.

6. Twist both ends of the scarf into a knot.

7. Tie firmly together.

8. Tie another knot firmly in place.

9. Secure the knot in place.

11. Speread the remaining ends of the knot out to hang losely.

12. Tie another knot at the back of the dress.

13. Make sure is secure and firmly in place.

14. Rock your dress! This is perfect with shorts for a beach day or as a fun mini-dress for a casual event.