For many years, young Africans have adopted Western fashion trends. African fashion was limited to traditional ceremonial occasions and formal occasions such as weddings, naming ceremonies and Sunday Church. Over the last few years, the West is no longer the “sole” reference point. There has been a surge in the use of African textiles in the design of everyday clothes and fashion at large. And Woodin is at the forefront of this movement.

Woodin turns their beautiful, African prints into accessible, easy-going garments to appeal to the young at heart. We take pride in spearheading the Ready to Wear evolution that embraces African fabric and translates it into contemporary fashion statements. We lead the evolution by staying ahead of the trends and bringing inspiration to our fans.

Being a pioneer is a core part of who we are; curious and entrepreneurial, we embrace all aspects of being a contemporary African fashion brand to bring our followers not just on trend garments but confidence and an expression of African pride.