At Woodin, everything inspires us. You, Africa, the World. Everyday provides a new wealth of ideas to be discovered and reinterpreted into designs. Living in Africa is never mundane. Our rich heritage with folklore, ethnic stories, historical movements and symbolism forms the basic ingredients. Then we mix these with the spice of our modern lives in urban cities, with all its new-age technology and developments.

From this melting pot of creativity and ideas Woodin creates over 1000 new designs per year. Amongst the top favorite Woodin designs are: Afrikor, Bassam, Batik, Bogolon, Emotion, Kit Or, Passion, Sensation, Style, Success, Tentation to name just a few.

Being part of the Woodin Nation recognises Africa’s creative potential of not just Woodin, but the continent and its dynamic inhabitants at large and of our bright future ahead.