Africa represents diversity. It is a continent with 54 countries with many thousands of ethnic group, cultural nuances and languages. One example of this is Nigeria, with an estimated 170 million people and 521 local dialects. But Africa is also unified by a wealth of culture, music, textures, colours and kind people with many dreams.

As a brand we focus on all things that unite Africa. We focus on the heritage, symbols, colour, language and textures and combine this with International allure. These ingredients form the basis of our creative expression, which inspires our followers and fans across Africa. Our tribal designs are mixed with bold and exotic colours to reflect the latest fashion statements. We capture the smell of rooibos, the heat of the sun, the rustling of the jungle but also the vibe of the urban jungle, that are our bustling cities today. No brand expresses Africa the way we do. We are wholly African and proud of this fact.